Online Payment Instructions

Thank you for choosing Absolute Home Mortgage! Below are the necessary steps to pay your mortgage and what to expect going forward.

STEP 1: Look at your Total Payment column in the First Payment Booklet which was provided during closing. This is where you’ll be able to see your total due amount.

STEP 2: Click on this link to pay your mortgage to Absolute Home Mortgage. We will service your loan for 30-60 days. You will pay your first payment here, and maybe your second too!


STEP 3: Keep a lookout for a Goodbye Letter coming from our team. This letter will be sent via USPS and will let you know which bank is servicing your mortgage going forward.

STEP 4: You will receive a second letter in the mail from the new company. This is called a service transfer notice. That document will contain the contact info and information on how to continue paying your mortgage through their service provider.

STEP 5: CALL US if you need ANYTHING! 855-888-AHMC ex. 230